Hi, I'm Dhanush Welcome, Abode!

Entrepreneur | Hustler | Photographer | Developer

A road full of obstacles,
a destination laced with pride!

The mind behind some of the successfully executed ideas, Dhanush MS started his journey with an objective to figure out his purpose in life. While he acquired experience and knowledge on the way, grind behind the business world inspired him to explore these obstacles.

Throughout the journey, a combination of in-depth hustling and brainstorming resulted in the man of experience that he is today. There isn’t an end to a roller-coaster ride of successes and failures yet! 

Since the wandering still continues!


A blend of technology and cost-effectiveness, Intrinsicpreneur is a parent company, bridging the gap between a creator and a successful startup.


About to come your way pretty soon, TheFoundrs is an all-in-one platform, strengthening the voice of creators and founders.


Meant for founders and small business owners, Great.do is an inclusive platform that covers all the significant areas, right from building a platform to promote the business.


To inspire the environmentalist hidden in you, Resumily is an idea concerned with preventing the world from destroying our oxygen source.

“I am not planning to conquer the world,
I am aiming to create a new one”

A platform to acquire information

Mr. MS doesn’t step back from showing the world what he thinks of. Be it strategies to establish a startup or techniques to keep it running, find all the necessary details here.

Something to boast about

Mind behind 6 startup ideas

On the run since 2017, Dhanush has brainstormed over 6 business ideas.

Worked with 200+ clients

Since the inception of the first startup, Dhanush has served more than 200 clients.

Created 500+ designs

Serving a plethora of clients, the designing instincts in Dhanush has helped him create several eye-catching creatives so far.

Crafted 50+ websites

To help others establish a platform, Dhanush has managed to create more than 50 websites till date.

We’re looking forward to an everlasting connection
with you.

If you’ve got what it takes to revolutionise the world, get in touch with the mind behind prodigious ideas.Share your ideas with Dhanush MS and get the much-needed analysis to commence the business.